Sunday, January 23, 2011

FEB 5th is Gut-Out Day! 428 E. North Ave. (North and Greenmount)

Some of you have heard me mention it and some of you have not, but I need the help of all of you with this one. Roofers, plumbers, gardeners, cleaners, sweepers, writers, leaders, workers, profess-ers, watchers, whatever you wanna call it, friends and ourselves are going to be demo'ing the interior of 428 E. North Ave., a three-story fire-damaged rowhome off of North Ave. and Greenmount Ave.

It's a burnt-up three-story brick row house that's part of the Steady Baltimore Museum project in which art shows, workshops and various activities will be hosted while we flow towards the use of the neighboring building that is currently undergoing structural repairs to the rear wall. If you're a little behind on the Museum project and our mural painting and other art activities, please check out the blog at for some posts of our recent projects.

So if you're looking for a good way to clear out some of that pent-up aggression and rage and make a lot of noise, this will be the place to do it! It's guaranteed to yield you a good workout and a great space to chill at in the near future.

What you should bring:

* clothes that you don't mind getting extremely dirty in
* respirator masks or dust masks if you have them (I will supply those without)
* hard hats
* shovels
* plastic bags
* wheel barrows
* sledge hammers, regular hammers, pry bars and other tools of destruction

We will make sure to have plenty of water there for you along with providing masks for those who need them and as many of the other things on the list above as possible. We'll make sure to keep you FED and busy as a bee! Snacks and hopefully some good eats will be served! Starting early so remember... come early for the best destruction!

See you at 428 E. North Ave. Baltimore, MD 21202 on Saturday, February 5th 2011 9am til dark -- (AROUND BACK WHERE THE BIG DUMPSTERS, PUNKS AND DISCARDED WEAVES MADE OF "HUMAN HAIR" ARE AT) It's on the north-west corner of Greenmount Ave. and E. North Ave. --- Music and all that good stuff!

email to tell us you're coming and to ask any questions regarding demo day.

Click HERE to see article about the project..

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