Monday, June 22, 2009

** CALL FOR ARTISTS **August 15, 2009 - Urban Eyes ; Fuel for the Arts, A Greenmount Block Party & fundraiser!

United Sisters Mentoring Program and Steady Baltimore Urban Arts League are organizing a day of appreciation for visual, vocal, urban arts and expression in the heart of Northeast Baltimore City.

We're keeping an eye out for:

-SINGERS (hip hop influenced)
-DANCERS (of global and local cultural influence)
-CREATORS (craftsmen, visual & musical who wish to host workshops for the youth from the community)

When: August 15, 2009 2pm-7pm

Where: 24th and Greenmount Ave. in Mund Park

Aspiring artists and youngsters will have the opportunity to meet productive local artists and to educate themselves on today's possibilities as creators in society.

If you are interested in participation in any of the fore mentioned activities, please contact us ASAP to reserve a slot!


Presenting: Urban Eyes; Fuel for the Arts, a Greenmount Block Party

When: August 15, 2009 2pm-7pm

Where: 24th and Greenmount Ave. in Mund Park

Why: Young people in Baltimore's neglected communities ARE living the most powerful and productive period of their lives and are in need of a venue for a voice. We aim to strengthen the relationship between developing artists and established artists through a day of informal mentor ship and networking. Through the alliance of several grassroots organizations, we plan to act in support of community pride and empowerment.

United Sisters has partnered with Steady Baltimore to establish an urban arts and youth mentoring center in the Greenmount community. The attaining of the necessary donations and volunteer base will be an ongoing objective, and this will serve as an awareness-of-the-cause event and fundraiser.