Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bits and Pieces Street Art Exhibit // Saturday May 31st @ Rockstar Showrooms

Street art extravaganza, Bits and Pieces, featuring aerosol imagery from a selection of the original style creators and emerging street artists is presented by Steady Baltimore for your visual pleasure. The style of the letter is a primary tool with which many graffiti artists choose to express themselves. Much like professional calligraphists, Baltimore based artists JaziRock and Booda Wyse have spent decades studying the art of the letter.

Characters and abstract shapes are a constant inclusion in visual art with an urban foundation. Blister & Ways along with other artists in the show have introduced to the public their diverse platforms of creation through their previous exhibitions in the Baltimore, DC and Philadelphia metro areas.

With artists who specialize in adaptation, this malleable show space will be transformed into a three dimensional plethora of visual expression. With an alternative display of canvas, mixed media and other true school artifacts this event will be something Baltimore has never seen before.

Enthusiasts and artists alike will enjoy the exhibit focused on accentuating the individual characteristics of the graffiti art form. Complimenting the artwork will be Monkey Hustle and Steady Baltimore’s own, DJ Stretch (, spinning break beats, club and hip-hop.

The opening reception is from 7pm-2am on Saturday May 31, 2008 at Rockstar Showrooms at 515 Cathedral St. Baltimore, MD 21201 (just south of Centre St. in Mt. Vernon).

Many of the works will be on display for one night only so come enjoy organic art and music fresh out of the oven! Refreshments and light hors d'oeuvres will be served., or email